Women's Fitness

women-fitness-specialist-avadean-lewisSince men and women are so fundamentally different it is not beneficial for women to follow one of current fitness models that are based on the male paradigm. Our Women’s Fitness Specialist s goes beyond this male-based system by taking in account the physical, mental, emotional, and social differences between the two sexes.

Women today face many demands on their time, which includes balancing a career, family, social obligations, and maintaining overall health and wellness. Life phases also affect women as each phase comes with a different set of challenges and adaptations. On top of this is the numerous health issues associated with obesity, which the numbers continue to increase yearly.

Other issues associated with inadequate exercise during these life phases include negative changes in body composition and a loss of basic functions due to lack of overall strength, core strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, and flexibility. Losing function negatively affects the ability of women to complete daily tasks, putting them at a higher risk for injury.

By understanding women’s anatomical structures and physiological functions during the different life phases, It allows us to create specialized fitness programs especially for them.

Women go through many health challenges throughout their lifespan and greatly benefits from a specialized fitness program to maximize results for female clients in each of the age groups.

This includes athletes and non-athletes, teens, pre- and postnatal women, pre, mid, and postmenopausal women, and women with specific health conditions that may compromise their overall health, well-being, or ability to regularly exercise.

For the teen female client, along with an appropriate designed fitness program for their age, adolescence is a time to introduce proper training techniques, improve overall health and nutrition, improve balance, and possibly train for a specific sport of interest.

Optimal health and fitness is important for women surrounding a pregnancy, and working closely with the client’s obstetrician is very important. Women without contraindications to exercise should engage in aerobic and strength training throughout their pregnancy and into the postpartum period with a fitness program that changes as their body changes.

For women that are pre, mid, post menopausal and beyond, there are special considerations during this time when it comes to body composition, strength, bone density, and balance.

Remaining highly active, along with maintaining a healthy diet and cardiorespiratory health throughout adulthood is one of the key components to longevity and quality of life.

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