Gym Membership

All gyms are not created equal. Unlike your typical gym FITPROS do not charge a membership fee. Our program is all inclusive to make it as cost effective as possible. We offer you a proven program structure and systems.

  • Starting with our comprehensive health and fitness assessment
  • Diet and nutrition coaching
  • Tracking and monitoring systems and tools
  • Informed self-care behaviors
  • Health and wellness literacy
  • Functional training program

These systems lead to maximum weight loss and improved health. Which transform your body and your life.

Our staff are experts in weight loss, medical exercise, corrective exercise, performance enhancement and personal training. Using our collective knowledge and experience we have designed an environment that feels homey and maximizes your comfortable. If you skip a day at the gym you really feel like you are missing out. This helps keep you accountable and makes you come to the gym because you want to be there, not because you have to be.

We design a personalized fitness program for you consisting of strength & conditioning training and cardiorespiratory training. Your program will always be specific to you, based on your current fitness level, medical conditions and goals. As you improve your program will be reassessed and adjusted to ensure that you’re always being challenged appropriately.

Mindful Support Systems: Systems theory is a way of looking at the world that sees things in terms of the whole picture rather than isolated parts, or just the sum of its parts. It looks at the dynamic inter-relationship between these parts. Total Body Wellness Weight Loss is informed by systems theory. We address your weight loss from this integrated, big picture perspective.
Your lifestyle can be considered a “system:” an entity comprised of parts that operate in relationship to each other. However, your lifestyle cannot simply be reduced to the sum of its parts. Most weight loss programs try to do this by reducing weight loss to diet or exercise. However, diet and exercise must be viewed in relationship to all of the parts of your life (work, family, emotions, etc.). We help you to see the precise way that everything is connected, and how you can use those connections to achieve greater leverage.
We are experts at identifying the most effective leverage points in your lifestyle so that you can achieve big results with the least amount of effort. And not just big results for the short term, but for the rest of your life.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of fitness so everyone receives a personalized diet & nutrition program.

Ignorance is not bliss. For this reason our health & wellness literacy program is designed to teach you about your various medical conditions and how you can use exercise to help manage or in some cases reverse those conditions.

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