time passingThe real issue in life is, there is no rewind button. Everyday comes with its own finality. Life can only be lived forward (though its always important to reflect). The fact that life ends is what makes it so valuable. The fact that you can’t go back means you have to do your best to do things right the first time around. We all make mistakes and at times we all take things for granted. However its never to late to make a course correction, that’s the beauty of being human. At any point we can make a change in our lives.

I don’t feel sorry for you, I also don’t feel sorry for myself. Feeling sorry causes depression and stunts growth. In life there will always be things that we have to go through. Here’s what you need to always remember, no matter what you are going through, someone else has gone through and is going through worse. Perception is reality, so when you are going through the struggles of life it seems like your world is going to end and there is no way out. However when you make it through and look back you realize it really wasn't that bad. It was only a set up to prepare your bigger challenges.

I decided it’s time for me to tell my story (some of it anyways). 1985 was a good year, that’s the year I exited my mother and said hello to this world. Life was never easy but my mother loved me enough to make some hard decisions to ensure that I had the best shot at success. See we lived in Jamaica and things were a lot harder at the time. My mother was 18 when she had me. Even though she was young she knew she had to become the best version of herself in order to be able to support me. So she decided to go to school and become a dental assistant. While she was in school I lived with my great grand mother. My great grand mother was the most influential person in my life. She couldn’t read or write but that woman seemed to know everything there was to know about life.

Is your body in one place and your mind in another? Wherever you are, be there, concentrate there. Do not allow your concentration to slip from your control.

In this day an age there is more than enough things to distract us and take us mentally away form where we are. The biggest thief is the telephone with all our social media apps. It seems there is always a notification coming in. Have you ever been out with friends and everyone is on their phones? It makes you wonder why we even bother getting together. The other thief is our nature to become too futuristic. See if you are always looking towards tomorrow you will end up missing out on today. Our education system has set us up to be prey to the future.