It's Just a Matter of Time

time passingThe real issue in life is, there is no rewind button. Everyday comes with its own finality. Life can only be lived forward (though its always important to reflect). The fact that life ends is what makes it so valuable. The fact that you can’t go back means you have to do your best to do things right the first time around. We all make mistakes and at times we all take things for granted. However its never to late to make a course correction, that’s the beauty of being human. At any point we can make a change in our lives.

As a trainer I meet countless people that have taken their health for granted. When you think about it, it’s real easy to do. The problem I tend to run into is that those same people let themselves get trapped in the past, which ends up impeding their progress. They constantly reminisce on the way they used to be back when they were in their best shape. To them it feels like it was yesterday and they lost it all overnight. The reality is, it wasn’t and they didn’t. I completely understand how they feel though. It feels like it was just yesterday that I could hold my son like a football in one hand, but the reality is as of today, its been a whole year.

If you are able to accept that things didn't happen overnight, you will see that success on any level takes time. Slow progress is still progress, after all slow and steady wins the race. If you gained some extra weight, realize that it took, weeks, months or year to make that happen. So it will take about that amount of time to get back to where you’d like to be. It’s never too late to start becoming the best version of yourself.