My Story

I decided it’s time for me to tell my story (some of it anyways). 1985 was a good year, that’s the year I exited my mother and said hello to this world. Life was never easy but my mother loved me enough to make some hard decisions to ensure that I had the best shot at success. See we lived in Jamaica and things were a lot harder at the time. My mother was 18 when she had me. Even though she was young she knew she had to become the best version of herself in order to be able to support me. So she decided to go to school and become a dental assistant. While she was in school I lived with my great grand mother. My great grand mother was the most influential person in my life. She couldn’t read or write but that woman seemed to know everything there was to know about life.

I learned some very important lessons at a early age from her. She taught me how to farm, which intern showed me the importance of doing the necessary work at the right time and having faith, patience and perseverance. I became so good at farming I thought I would grow up to become a farmer. At the age of 5 (to this day I remember it like it was yesterday) I was walking home with my great grand mother and a passerby stopped us and asked if I was Michael’s son, I said yes and he told us that my father just died. My mother took the news harder than I ever did because she thought that this meant that I’d never know what it was like to have a father. However the universe ensured that would never be the case.

After my fathers death I happened to constantly be in the presence of death. So I learned young that life comes with death and it is in-fact death that makes life so valuable. My greatest fear was that one day my great grand mother and I would go to sleep and I’d be the only one to wake up, because she was old and at times sickly. The worst part was the fact that we lived in the country so houses weren’t close together. The most important lesson I learned from living with my great grand mother was to be self motived and self educated. She couldn’t help me with homework, so I had to figure it out on my own. I managed to always be at the top of my class regardless.

Anyways fast forward to the age of 10 I went to live with my mother in the city. At that point I feared my great grand mother dying and no one being around. That fear motivated me to get good grades and accelerate my learning process as much as possible in order to be able to get a good job and repay her for all she did for me. My mother was also a huge focus for me. I always felt like I ruined her life because she made so many sacrifices for me. She would go without in order to make sure that I had anything I needed. So I tried not to need much. To this day I feel like I held her back. Of course she feels the complete opposite but I guess that’s just how life works. Two people with the same experiences but totally different outlooks.

At 12 my grand mother filed for us and we came to America. America was a lot different than I imagined but it is filled with many opportunities. When I first got here my accent was a problem, I would speak to people and they wouldn’t understand what I was saying so I spent my summer perfecting my english. School was rather easy for me, especially now that I had more help than I could ever need.

Now remember how I said the universe ensured that I would never know what it was like to not have a father. Well up until this day I’ve had so many father figures it’s unbelievable, but they weren't just any father figures, they are mentors that have taken so much interest in my development that if I fail I have to be a complete idiot. I mean learning from their experiences have been so valuable I couldn’t pay for the type of education I’ve gotten, from business to real life. I’ve had people treat me so good, from the outside looking in you’d never know that we weren’t related by blood. The universe really does provide.

Of course I’ve chosen to leave a lot of things out in order to not make this too long. Here’s why I’m telling you my story, if I can overcome every obstacle placed in my path and become anything I choose to be then you can too. The other reason I am telling you this story is because I am closer than I’ve ever been to making my dreams a reality. It is true that you can have anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want in life, this is truly the relationship age. Also there are always many blessings in disguise so what may seem like a problem today can become an asset in the future. My greatest blessing wasn’t even suppose to exist if you ask me, Mr Elias Alexander Lewis. It’s funny based on the circumstances of his birth I’d have never thought I’d get to play as much of a roll as I have in his life. However I am blessed to be able to be a father to him. It’s actually surprisingly easy, I mean I’ve had so many father figures, their experiences have taught me everything I could ever need to know. The little human (as I like to call him) has done something else that I didn’t expect, he’s allowed people to see me for who I truly am. He’s allowed me to be completely vulnerable and put everything in the open. He has made it so I can’t hide who I am.

A lot of people's journeys got stopped by obstacles but my journey continues.