Free Fitness Assessment

westchester personal trainer avadean lewisTo help everyone start the year on the right track, we are offering FREE fitness assessments for the entire month of January. That's a $75 value!

Everyone has fitness goals, either to be healthier, look better or perform optimally. However most people don't know what to do to achive those goals and more importantly where to start. This is why your local gym is packed January and February and empty as the year goes on. If you set a realistic goal, figure out where you are and the best way to get to your goals, you will most certainly achieve your goal.

Our primary responsibility is to safely and effectively guide clients to the successful attainment of their goals. To do so requires a comprehensive understanding of client's personal and professional background as well as their physical capabilities and desires. Our functional fitness assessment is a comprehensive tool to systematically gather subjective and objective information about clients and use the information appropriately.

A Fitness Assessment Allows Us to See the Current Structure and Function of a Client

When you do one on one personal training your individualized training program is developed around who you are; your current physical activities, fitness goals, medical conditions and health history. This knowledge is vital in order to create the optimal program to reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

The fitness assessment includes an eleven point musculoskeletal screening, a functional component of how your body moves and focuses on the interrelation of the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems in order to ensure optimal and efficient human movement.

Based on this evaluation and your physician recommendations if needed, we design a fitness program that will enable you to meet and ultimately surpass your fitness goals. As you progress, we will modify and reassess your program, continuously stimulating your body and mind.

Assessment Includes:

11 point Musculoskeletal Screening

  • Postural Screening
  • Active Shoulder Range of Motion
  • Anterior Shoulder Flexibility
  • Cervical Range of Motion
  • Internal and External Rotation of Rotator Cuff
  • Full Knee Extension
  • Resisted Knee Extension and Flexion
  • Lumbar Spine Flexibility and Integrity
  • Hamstring Flexibility
  • Balance

Fitness Assessment

  • Body Fat percentage and percentile ranking
  • Sit and Reach Flexibility and percentile ranking
  • Core Endurance and percentile ranking

Cardio Assessment

  • VO 2 Score and cardio rating
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Max Heart Rate
  • Recovery Heart Rate
  • Recommended cardio exercise zones

Push and Pull assessment

  • Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex Integrity and Stability
  • Shoulder Complex Integrity and Stability
  • Head and Neck Integrity and Stability

Body Movement Analysis

  • Biomechanics and functional movement pattern screening

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